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One Identity uniform supplier.

One Identity brings people together........ 

Institutions, businesses and organisations need one identity to display, uniqueness in the world.

Your visual identity will immediately give the onlooker a portrayal of whom or what you represent. This visual decision, gives an immediate image of who that person is or represents.

One of identity's specialities is listening to customers and assisting in making the best decision.  

School Uniform - oneidentityAcademy - oneidentity
Identity has the ability to implement School uniform in any size of establishment. We are a school uniform supplier to many schools and have the infrastructure to care for each of our schools in a uniform manner.

School uniform is one of the core elements in successful schools. When a school changes its school uniform this can totally change the mindset of its wearer or onlooker.

Schools who want the benefit of a robust uniform without the hassle come to us. Your school can benefit from a large range of school uniform garments.

Every School has a strong public image, but more importantly every pupil has their own and their peers self image. Schools all have a uniform goal, to educate. Bring pupils together to bring focus toward education.

Our School Uniform has its place in every part of society. Saving Parents time and money on their uniform which is designed to perform for the entire day, every day.

School uniforms have been the focus of Identity since 1976                                           

Why Us? as your School Uniform Supplier

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Workwear- oneidentity

Your company needs a cost effective, practical solution to your employees workwear. We cater for every work sector, from the rugged every day, to high specification.

We would like to assist you in creating your needs from thought to finish.

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Offshorework wear - oneidentity

This workplace needs the correct clothing to weather the extremities.

Cost effective - Making personnel confident, to preform professional in a harsh environment.

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Teamwear- oneidentity


Turn up. Look the part. Celebrate with the win!

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Corporate clothing - oneidentity

What do people think when they look at the professionals in your organisation? Freindly - Official - Helpful - Professional?

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Schoolsports equipment - oneidentity

We have in store a stock of sports equipment covering, training and tactic aids, balls, pumps, first aid and more.

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