Educational Resources

Educational Resources



General Teaching Resources

Fantastic website to view a variety of teaching programmes giving opportunities to see excellent teaching practice in all areas

One of the best UK website for all curriculum areas, plans worksheets, interactive resources.

Useful ideas for all subject areas

Great free lesson plans for a wide variety of subjects

Free downloadable interactive resources and worksheets.

Listed by subject

Website attached to the most recognised education publication in England. Access a massive variety of lesson plans, resources and ideas after free registration.

A great website offering stacks of free worksheets. Not the most inspiring layout (mostly exam style questions) but an impressive variety of subjects. Check out their playground section for some good printable quizzes.

Worksheets for foundation stage & KS1 – lots of links to QCA documents

Useful links to other websites for subjects and extra curricular areas

link to whiteboard training provider – useful if you register for interactive lessons

An online community for teachers with resources chat forums etc



Excellent website for government guidelines for Literacy and Numeracy. Essential for planning – good for research

Fantastic FREE English resources.

Links to online interactive pages

Some free resources – more available if you make a donation to the trust. Useful to teachers involved in long term planning

Database for resources, links and book listings

Some amazing resources but you need to pay a registration fee. Only worth it you are planning longer term. There are some good link to free one off resources

Great website for teachers and pupils for all aspects of teaching poetry
website for profiles on authors and links

Sixty-three basic lesson plans, most suitable for the literacy hour. Nothing startlingly new, but the information is easy to use.

Great literacy ideas in the teacher’s section and the opportunity to post reviews online - plus some enthralling Quentin Blake animations - make this a wonderful tool for primary teachers.

This site's commendable ambition is to create a hub for children's authors, parents and teachers about children's books.

AND… a word search generator! (look in the resources section)

A wonderful resources site for drama teachers. Comprehensive plays list too!

Great ideas for young children’s drama sessions


Y1 to Y6 Numeracy hour medium-term and short-term plans

A wonderful maths resources site, with links to maths interactive resources for teachers and pupils. Cleverly organised in to key objectives and key stages
Numeracy hour medium and daily plans for each term.

Excellent interactive resources for pupils and whole class interactive teaching school website with a fantastic Numeracy links page and much more too!


Uses Shockwave Flash movies to teach about health, science and technology. Also includes quizzes and information.

Primary and secondary notes, games and downloadable activities covering a range of science-related topics.

Games, activities and other resources teaching children about the yuckier side of science.

Searchable database of science-related locations which are suitable for educational visits. Also includes links to science-based games.
details of membership, publications and conferences.



The best history website - excellent free resources – primary, KS3 & 4 All directly linked to curriculum

Excellent school based website for primary history topics

Lesson plans for primary and secondary history as well as many other subjects

Some excellent links for Primary school history and ICT study.  Ready prepared interactive worksheets and resources are available.  Together with the recommended links this is an tremendous site.



Revision for GCSE Geography. Many notes, exam practice, and multiple choice questions and answers… you can see Internet geography has undergone a makeover!

Great for students, teachers and others interested in geography

This website for Geography teachers contains resources and information for Key Stage 3, GCSE and AS/A2 teaching and learning

Based in Staffordshire but useful links for primary geography teachers

Ordnance Survey maps website – click on the education section for good activities for all ages



The official government website for ICT in schools. Lots of website links and resources. Give yourself sometime to negotiate the site as there is lots of info to get through

Some great realistic links to ICT primary work
ICT support package for subjects across the curriculum.




Worksheets and activity ideas for classroom art activities

This website has lots of practical ideas for classroom art activities – definitely check out the section on time filler and one day projects. Great for last minute supply!



The association of physical education – paid membership – good

A clear to use website for GCSE and A-Level PE. Good  worksheets and quizzes



Excellent resource for primary music teachers

Some good song resources with downloadable sound files – look in fun things to do section. Only features acoustic instruments

Great website for kids music activities – KS2 & 3 would enjoy this site the most

Some good links and ideas for projects

Good ideas for music in the early years classroom



Fantastic website which is specifically aimed at teachers and educators. Easy to use links, which offer everything you would ever need to teach RE!

Child friendly, curriculum based website with lots of links and ideas



Modern Foreign Languages

The National centre for languages website which provides information and resources for teachers and educators

A general site all about learning other languages – lots of ideas!

This is a great website for teachers – although it is based on the +Scottish curriculum, many of the ideas and lesson are very useful for ideas

This is a must-visit site if you are involved in teaching modern foreign languages at KS1 or KS2. There is advice, downloadable resources and much more



Early Years Foundation Stage
An excellent resources for planning, thematic ideas and activities and games. A good links page too

BBC Scotland’s first early years website, supporting active play and containing interesting concepts and areas for the very young to explore. The notes for early years staff explain more about how the role of the adult in helping children to explore this resource. They also explain how it links to the curric

Excellent quick printable resources for the infant classroom (American)


Other useful websites

Lots of information about living and working in London as a teacher

Official website offering support to teachers, counselling services, advice and general lovely people to help ease the stresses and strains of the job.


The Following are links to UK teaching unions - The National Union of Teachers website. - NASUWT (school masters and women teachers) - Association of Teachers and Lecturers - National Association of Headteacher  


Government Websites

Useful for official stuff! There are some good resources and info on these sites too you do need to search a bit though!

Official government teacher website – lots of good information on all teaching issues

National Curriculum website – all subjects and whole school issues

All you would need to know about the changes and development for this sector – GCSE’s diplomas and further education

Schemes of work for all foundation subjects in KS1 2 & 3. Click on the scroll down bar to choose the subject area you want

Excellent website for government guidelines for Literacy and Numeracy. Essential for planning – good for research

Government website for Early Years Foundation Stage guidance with up to date information.

The following link will take you to Becta’s current directory of online schools resources – excellent comprehensive directory

The training and development agency website listing information on training and career development for teachers and support staff